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Who we are


Elegance Mattress delivers invitingly comfortable beds using superior quality materials and innovative designs, made in the USA at affordable prices.



We are continually improving as a team to give you the fantasy of your dreams.

We want to offer different options for your break, because we all dream differently, but we all love to rest. 

Thanks to the care in the selection of materials and dedication in our development and innovation processes we can offer a product with excellent quality.   We guarantee that you will always trust us with your dream and we will take care of it.


We keep in the search for the best materials and develop innovative designs because your rest is important and we deliver an amazing luxury rest experience for your dreams, you expect to take a nap and feel the difference.


Our values


We don't like lies and we love to keep our promises and deals.



We have a high righteousness, consistency with one's values.



It is what impules us and commits us to improve hopes to generate an impact on the rest of our customers.



It's important to deal with our employees, collaborators and customers. To offer a service of excellence.



We live in a world where everyone says they have the best products on the market. But it's one thing to affirm it, and the other is to guarantee it.

Products must meet established and promised parameters, which can only be close to perfection.



When have you seen a sports team win

championships only for individualities? 

Possibly never.

To fulfill our dreams and help you can dream of the management of work teams is a fundamental reality in our environment, where tolerance, respect, admiration and consideration are the priorities.


Innovation and development

There's always a way to improve and we think people deserve the best.  There are endless possibilities and we want to offer the best.

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